Global Pandemic Solutions – Soft Cover


  • ISBN-13 2547810321560
Paul Michael Willette MDDr. Paul Michael Willette, MD, has a background focused on treating disease from both formal education and thirty years’ experience which provided a practical foundation on which to build Global Health Science Solutions, LLC. He possesses several degrees: Medical Education from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, a surgical residency at Berkshire Medical Center (Massachusetts), and a Trauma Fellowship at Hartford Hospital (Hartford, Connecticut). As an instructor of Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM Surgical Instructor), Willette pioneered original thinking to advance Surgery and Medicine. The most recent chapter in Willette’s career culminated in applying his knowledge of treating disease to answer questions about science and health through the multi-faceted lens of an independent investigator incorporating biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, and nutrition to advance the brain/body health connections in humans and animals around the globe.7 Books

Global Pandemic Solutions” by Paul M. Willette MD


Global Pandemic Solutions provides a road map to understand Coronavirus testing? Distinguishes the difference between the virus and the disease.

A history of viruses and pandemics is explored. The innate and adaptive immune system is described in humans to understand how it interacts with the Coronavirus. The value of vaccines and ventilators as it relates to the Coronavirus is clarified. Finally, solutions for prevention of Coronavirus disease and vest interventions if actually obtain the covid-19 disease is offered. New, exciting and relevant to understanding the Coronavirus Pandemic.


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