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Paul M. Willette, M.D.’s

Global Pandemic Solutions

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“Global Pandemic Solutions” by Paul M. Willette MD.

When it comes to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Paul Willette quotes from an inspirational Rudyard Kipling poem: “If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.”

One might interpret those words as a plea to humanity to keep cool and ride the course of these unprecedented times – this too shall pass.

Not Paul Willette. An MD for 26 years, he has now authored GPS: Global Pandemic Solutions: Directions for a Healthier Immunity against Coronavirus, which advances the “10th opinion” theory that we’ve got it all wrong.

“Shutting down businesses and economies worldwide, overvaluing the importance of vaccines and ventilators, and increased testing for the virus in healthy people are fundamentally wrong,” claims Willette. “In fact, there is little proof they accomplished anything. In some instances, they made things worse. For example, the highest SARS-CoV-2 positive testing rate came from the stay-at-home self-quarantining group.

“Do we have a pandemic?” asks Willette. “You cannot test for a virus without distinguishing between colonization versus infection (disease). Pandemics are spread of disease between one person and another within a population. Increased viral testing is not a pandemic.”

Current testing, argues Willette, only identifies the presence or absence of the Coronavirus, but the premise that a positive test for Coronavirus represents infection is flawed. Willette believes a case of the Coronavirus should be “counted” only when the virus has multiplied in sufficient quantities to cause severe sickness. Furthermore, correlation of positive Coronavirus testing is not causation of Covid-19 death.

Willette’s company, Global Health Science Solutions LLC, has been over 30 years in the making. The starting point is medical school, residency and fellowship training. But what makes it different, according to Willette, is the pursuit of solutions incorporating nutrition, biochemistry and cell biology. Visit

While much of Willette’s narrative is quashing commonly accepted beliefs about the Coronavirus, he also provides a list of solutions and recommendations for healthy living. Willette says a broader understanding of all living things provides insight into the Coronavirus and the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system. His book delivers great insights into this understanding including solutions that answer questions

such as: why do bats harbor deadly viruses yet do not die from them. Willette argues the early intervention of steroids (like Decadron) helps prevent damage to normal tissues, i.e. lung, as the initial general inflammatory response is blunted (similar to bats) until the adaptive immune system specifically targets just the virus.

GPS: Global Pandemic Solutions: Directions for a Healthier Immunity Against the Coronavirus is the beginning of a discussion not just about stamping out disease, but about redefining and improving health in order to move forward for a better future.


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The Books

Keep Your Brain
Happy and Healthy

How does memory work?

How can you curb anxiety and stress in your life?

Why is movement important?

What does “ brain health “ really look like?

The brain is the most complex known structure in the universe. When the brain is not working optimally, your entire brain is affected. The opposite is true as well; when the body is not working correctly, your brain is affected. It is more important than ever to uncover how to keep your brain functioning well and yourself feeling good. Learn more about the value of the brain’s functioning  and  neuroplasticity for mood, memory and movement.


Forest and the Trees:
A different Path to Brain Health

In achieving brain health, the body and the brain are connected, as one affects the other. Giving the brain what it needs for health regarding: neurotransmitter synthesis, cell membrane, mitochondria (energy) and supporting lysosomes and glial cells are the basic  fundamentals that deserve more attention.  Neurogenesis and neuroplasticity can make the difference between, not only living longer ,but enjoying a higher independent quality of life.

It is important, exciting and relevant in building a better brain and body? Humans, animals and the Globe:  We are all in it together. Explore the interesting world of the human brain and body through science and cell biology.  How do things work?  and better yet:  How can things work better?

The solutions for health require a deep understanding and composite of diverse merging fields including:   human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, cell biology and anti-aging. We strive for root causes and fundamental thinking that when properly and timely applied can yield better health. We can help you, make a better you.

Pet Health

A Message from Chloe: Dogs Are Not Cows Book

A Message from Chloe: Dogs are not Cows is an important metaphor that dogs are carnivores that eat protein and are not cows or herbivores that eat carbohydrates. Chloe’s message is that dog health starts with the appropriate diet and nutrition for a dog, namely a raw diet of meat or protein, as that is how the dog obtains its nutrition and energy for health. If we treat a dog’s diet like a cow that eats mostly carbohydrates, a dog will have difficulty achieving health, longevity, and a good quality of life.This book should be required reading for future, present, and past dog owners. How are dog different from humans? What diet is important? What is the impact of spaying and neutering? Read on to find out.


Global Health Science Solutions LLC

Better: Solutions / Health / World is the website for the company Global Health Science Solutions, LLC which is a company with over 30 years experience combining clinically experienced physician knowledge base in the areas of trauma and critical care combined with independent “think tank” solutions incorporating cell biology, biochemistry and nutrition towards Better: Solutions, Health, World.  Global Health Science Solutions, LLC  offers books (E=book, Paperback and Audio Versions), Apps and Products that facilitate and implement learning with both a  fundamentals and systems  based approach into body and brain health.  The company fosters health in humans and animals in all areas giving a global perspective of the world.



Coronavirus is an enveloped positive sense RNA virus that represents a zoonotic infection with a suspected origin Wuhan, China (Hubei Province).



What counts is fatality rates which for Influenza is about 0.1% in the United States as the model andforecast for death rates for Coronavirus was projected in the millions and nearly 3o times the fatalityrate as influenza.


A Different Path

Coronavirus Pandemic: We need more protective gear (masks), ventilators and hospital beds to meetthe crisis. Leading from behind is evident and reckless regarding being prepared and protectinghealthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes.


Upstream Thinking

The epidemiologic goals are to stop the spread of infection and disease within a population or between populations.



There are 2 animals that I would like to highlight with regard to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The first is the bat.



There is no doubt that vaccines play an important role in combating infectious disease saving 2-3 million lives around the world.


Medical Illustrator/Artist by Jade Panyko

By knoxweb | Mar 9, 2020

Learn an important lesson from your neurons: stay connected and be dynamic and resilient enough to re-establish normal ways of functioning.

An Excerpt from “Forest and the Trees”

By knoxweb | May 1, 2020

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By knoxweb | May 1, 2020

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About The Author

Paul M Willette MD has over 30 years  experience in forming Global Health Science Solutions, LLC.

The traditional background of his formal medical education starts with medical school, residency and fellowship.  Followed by Instructor of Advanced Trauma of Operative Management. Founder and CEO of “think tank” for advancement of health through the lens of independent investigator and author incorporating biochemistry, cell biology and nutrition for the advancement of brain/body health connections in humans and animals around the globe.

Legacy goal:
Better: Solutions, Health and World


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