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Our Mission

Inspire future generations for the diversity of thought regarding Health and Science and to think critically about What is true? especially when it concerns your own Brain and Body Health.

Educate and Participate in your own Health as is a “Think Tank” of ideas to either validate or challenge what is Health. What can be good for an organ (part of you) may not be good for the entire Brain and Body (all of you).

A systems approach to thinking in Health and Science or “root cause” analysis is necessary to create health as previous unintended consequences of specialization cloud the ability to see the difference between the Forest and the Trees.

Assimilation is the ability of the Brain and Body to make structure and function based on building blocks and cofactors precisely integrated in a context of changing environments which is a moving target that requires collaboration with to transform understanding the complex into making it simpler solution regarding what needs to be done.


“Science got us into this...... Science will get us out,”

If there was ever a time to support independent thought regarding Science and help determine What is true? It is now.

Soon to be released books “Forest and the Trees “ Brain Health Mood, Memory and Movement looks in depth, yet uncovers the best insight to date on how to avoid dementia and cognitive decline.

Similarly, the second Book on Global Pandemic Solutions addresses many issues regarding an untold story on all vaccines and provides a more balanced evaluation of gene therapy and its future role in health.

Global Health Science Solutions LLC provides independent research and is a “think tank of Ideas” and “diversity of thought.”

Global Health Science Solutions LLC needs public donations to provide Better Solutions, Health and World.

Thank You.

Global Health Science Solutions LLC

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