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The MedBalance App Web takes 25 of the more common medications prescribed throughout the United States and identifies the nutrient deficiencies of the medications in an effort to get the benefits from the medication while correcting for the nutrient deficiencies that the medication can create.

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Sign in with minimal details needed to get started.

Select Your Medications

Choose which medications you currently take from a comprehensive list.


After selecting which medications you take, you receive a summary of which nutrients could be depleted in your body based on your selections.

Nutrient Deficiency Summary

Find out which nutrients might be low based on what medications you take.


Side Effect warnings for 25 common medications are listed all in one place

Minimalist Account Creation

We keep the input to a minimum to ensure an easy user experience.

Actions of Medications

Learn how your medications produce the intended result.

Medication Allergy Information

Any medication can cause an allergic reaction but there are some helpful hints of what you need to know which is not a substitute for seeking personal advice from your physician or healthcare provider.


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