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Dogs Are Not Cows Book



A Message from Chloe: Dogs are not Cows is an important metaphor that dogs are carnivores that eat protein and are not cows or herbivores that eat carbohydrates. Chloe’s message is that dog health starts with the appropriate diet and nutrition for a dog, namely a raw diet of meat or protein, as that is how the dog obtains its nutrition and energy for health. If we treat a dog’s diet like a cow that eats mostly carbohydrates, a dog will have difficulty achieving health, longevity, and a good quality of life.

This book should be required reading for future, present, and past dog owners. How are dog different from humans? What diet is important? What is the impact of spaying and neutering? Read on to find out. Just like everything with Chloe, the message is usually profound, and it takes time to comprehend, but the sooner we learn from Chloe, the better Chloe’s, and other dogs like her, health will be.

I hope you agree that reading A Message from Chloe: “Dogs are not Cows” is time well spent in improving dog’s lives. As every owner knows, dogs enrich our own lives, so why wouldn’t we want to give them the best care possible?


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