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A Different Path

A Different Path

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Coronavirus Pandemic:

We need more protective gear (masks), ventilators and hospital beds to meetthe crisis. Leading from behind is evident and reckless regarding being prepared and protecting healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes. In the 21st century, outbreaks for airborne pathogens were well documented 2002/3 and 2008 and referenced with CDC and the White House previous administration 5 years ago (2015) commenting on Ebola Virus and recognizing threat of airborne pathogens as .a threat to the United States and the healthcare system. Not having protective gear for healthcare workers and saying you could not anticipate the pandemic is not genuine,irresponsible and deflects the question by repeatedly changing the subject to flattening the curve of tracking positive tests that fortunately had more to do with a virus that does not cause as much severe disease and death as advertised.

Next, while nurses and respiratory therapists are important in implementing the plan of care, what matters most is creating a plan to be followed and coming up with solutions to prevent, diagnose and treat both early and late disease. Building hospitals, mobilizing the military for more beds and providing a hospital ship with more beds was more evidence the model prepared for something that never happened which can be viewed as a good thing, but alternatively, it underscores not understanding the biology of the disease of Coronavirus as if putting a patient in a room and giving the patient diagnosis was somehow viewed as doing something.

Finally, 30,000 ventilators to save lives when the focus should be staying off ventilators as most patientswith severe disease die of secondary bacterial infection after the virus weakens the immune system.The abolishing of state lines for medical licensing and the ability to practice via telehealth is using crises as a diversion for a decision with no debate, loss of civil liberties and creates problems not fullyappreciated as only one perspective is given. What if the same thing was done to the legal system or some other profession that sets the stage for a monopoly and unfair competitive advantage of small businesses. I will have a book out specifically addressing solutions addressing the Coronavirus, which Iwould welcome discussing the 10th opinion regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic for Better Solutions, Health and World.

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